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About Status Awareness Systems


Status Awareness Systems is a proudly Australian owned, Tasmanian based company. We specialise in vehicular safety, timing and tracking systems, with a strong focus towards making the world of motorsport safer for competitors and officials, more manageable for organisers, and more interactive for fans. We firmly believe that our technology can hugely benefit not only motorsport, but also many other industries including agriculture, aquaculture and mining. We understand that every form of motorsport, industry or market has different requirements and is interested in vastly differing information. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to our systems, and, as such, we provide custom end to end communications solutions for virtually any use that can be thought of. Our products are designed to work in adverse conditions, anywhere in the world, and our work takes us all over the globe. We are proud to support local Australian suppliers and partners, and to be bringing our Tasmanian innovation to the world stage.


Status Awareness Systems was founded in early 2010 after a serious secondary collision in Targa Tasmania, Australia’s premier tarmac racing event. The founders, Stephen Sims, Wayne Maxwell, and Jason White, felt that the accident could have been prevented with a vehicle-to-vehicle communications system. From this humble aim, our first system, RallySafe, and the company, were born. Since then, Status Awareness Systems has gone from strength to strength, building RallySafe and its sister system, RaceSafeH2O, into world-leading systems. The expertise gained through our research and development efforts has allowed us to forge ahead with technological innovations to provide huge benefits in leading markets and industries.


Over the last four years we have assembled a team of experts who can draw on their huge combined knowledge in a variety of fields to build our products. Our team has extensive experience in the following fields; electrical engineering, industrial design, GIS, communications, as well as embedded systems, web, desktop and mobile application development. Our skills and knowledge allow us to distill the essence of a real world situation into a coherent, intuitive system which is easy to understand and use for anyone.

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Our Mission Statement

To increase safety in motorsport through technological innovation.

Some of the key people here at Status Awareness Systems

Stephen Sims

Managing Director / Founder

Wayne Maxwell

Director / Founder

Jobe Sims

Operations Manager

Andrew Murphy

General Manager

Shannon Maxwell

Admin & Accounting

Abbey Sims


Andrew Perkins

Lead Hardware Developer

Geoff Lawrence

Hardware Technician

Simon Haines

R&D Manager

Ben Lovell

Senior Software Developer

Gaoyang Ji

Software Developer

Evan Mansfield

Map Technician

David Officer

Event Technician

Graham Buchanan

Event Technician

Cameron Kuc

Event Technician

Michael Harmsen

Race Control Manager

Alejandro Rodriguez

Rally Manager

Gabi Moiset

Timing Manager

Alex Darrosa

Tracking Engineer

Harry van Bemmelen

Timing Technician/ Truck Driver

Pete Lendvay

Timing Technician

Josep Requena Miret

Results Manager