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RaceSafe H2O

RaceSafeH2O brings the features and technology of RallySafe to water based motorsports. Featuring vehicle-to-vehicle communications, automatic and manual hazard detection, two way communications with race control and advanced timing, tracking and safety features, RaceSafeH2O brings water based motorsports into the modern world in one easy to use package. Supporting leg-based racing formats such as Jet Boat River Racing and Ski Racing, RaceSafeH2O allows for unprecedented timing accuracy in sports which have traditionally been very hard to time accurately – you can’t set up a beam over a river!


The content on this page is designed to give a brief overview of the system’s features, technology and growth – if you’re interested in finding out more, we encourage you to head over to the main RaceSafeH2O website for in depth information, videos and more.


Automatic Operation

RaceSafeH2O has been designed for ease of use, first and foremost. Drivers and observers can go an entire event never needing to press a button; the system gives them the information they need, when they need it. Coupled to this is automatic hazard recognition – if a vehicle stops on stage, or is involved in a serious accident, the unit will send the appropriate warning to other competitors and to race control.

In Boat Features

The system includes a slew of on-screen features to make racing simple for drivers and observers. These include speed, time into stage, stage times, an auto-resetting trip meter, a resettable trip meter and average speed. Also, all pertinent event information is displayed on screen when required – e.g. a personalised countdown to the vehicles start time.

Vehicle to Vehicle

Vehicle to vehicle communications allow for instantaneous safety warnings to be transmitted between vehicles. This greatly reduces the chances of a secondary collision, and increases understanding when approaching an accident scene. Push to pass overtaking greatly increases safety in overtaking situations, especially in inclement weather e.g. rain or dust.

Race Control

Race Control has access to multiple views of information during an event. First and foremost is the main map view, which shows the vehicles in progress during the event, and can have multiple pieces of information overlaid on it, to show current hazard information, stage & split times, stage reports etc. The dynamic progress view can support up to 8 concurrently running stages in a running bar-graph style; very useful when multiple stages are live. As well as these, there are multiple management pages showing system health, real-time stats, advanced timing information and more.

Electronic Starts & Finishes

RaceSafeH2O also includes an extensive suite of programs to manage an event electronically. Intuitive programs running on tablets can be set up quickly in the field to manage starts and finishes. The stage start aspect allows the official to easily select a time for the vehicle to start, and to then issue the vehicle that time. This allows each vehicle a customized countdown on their unit, and means that competitors don’t need to manually calculate their starting time. The finish program shows finish times as the cars cross the line, for instant use by commentators and timing officials.

Virtual Spectating

Timing and tracking information is made available to the public through two streams – our web application, and our mobile applications. Both allow the public to follow along with the event as it’s in progress, seeing times live and staying up to date on where the boats are. Spectators love being able to know who’s coming along on the river next, or what the time was of the boat who’s just finished.

Advanced Timing

RaceSafeH2O utilises a high-frequency GPS chip in conjunction with our own interpolation algorithms to provide highly accurate, instant timing for boating events. This allows unprecedented timing accuracy on the water, and eliminates human error which occurs when events are timed manually, using stopwatches.

Event Types

RaceSafeH2O supports multiple event types & formats, including:

  • River Racing
  • Criterium Racing
  • Circuit Racing


As well as the above forms of water motorsports, RaceSafeH2O has been developed as to allow all the features of the system to be turned on and off, depending on the specific requirements of the event.


Global satellite communications

Every vehicle equipped with a RaceSafeH2O system is enabled for two-way communications with race control. This allows information to be sent to the people who need to know about it, when they need to know about it.

High-frequency GPS

We use the very latest in high-frequency, high-precision GPS chips. They allow us to record accurate times based off geo-positioning and our own interpolation algorithms, provide accurate tracking for vehicle monitoring and emergency situations, and record high-frequency speed data for average speed, max speeds etc.

Lightning fast GSM connectivity

RaceSafeH2O mixes communication mediums when possible. When a vehicle is in range of a GSM tower, the unit can be configured to send high-frequency tracking updates – enabling race control and spectators to see where the competitors are, in real time.

High speed radio

When vehicles are heading towards a collision at high speeds, every millisecond counts. Our high-frequency radios form an instantaneous mesh network to provide vehicle-to-vehicle alerts, as well as provide communications redundancy – if a vehicles antenna has been destroyed in an accident, the information can leap-frog through another vehicle to notify race control.

Mobile Ready

Our apps are available on Android and iPhone, allowing spectators more information than ever before, at the push of a button. All tracking and timing updates are pushed out to every connected device, as they happen.

Cloud-hosted reliability

We use two of the world’s leading cloud-hosting providers to both store and transmit our data around the world. They allow us to scale our services worldwide whilst providing market-leading reliability and redundancy.

Easy to use programs

Any of the extended RaceSafeH2O programs to manage stage starts and finishes are all designed with ease of use in mind. Running on modern touchscreen tablets, they require minimum training time, minimum setup time and are compact for travelling.

Patented Technology

RaceSafeH2O is protected by an international Patent regarding the key technology used in the system.


Beginning in 2012, RaceSafeH2O has shown the boating world that advanced technology has a lot to offer, and can make their racing series more safe. Now in use in Ski Racing Australia’s Championship series, and the New Zealand Jet Boat River Racing Championship, it’s clear that the system is having a big impact and turning a lot of heads.

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