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At Status Awareness Systems, we’re big fans of great technologies made by great people.¬†Our passion is crafting the most innovative communications systems we possibly can, and to do that we build on some amazing enabling technologies, each of whom is a world-leader in their chosen field. Below are some of the important technological partners who enable us to do what we do best.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Hosting

Microsoft's Azure Cloud Hosting services enables our web and mobile applications to be delivered worldwide with high-scalability, low-latency and rock-solid reliability.


Satellite Communications

Iridium operate the most resilient and reliable satellite communications platform in (and around) the world. Their unparalleled coverage and speed allow us to get important information to the people who need it, anywhere, anytime.


Realtime data-streaming

PubNub is a global cloud backed, realtime data streaming service that allows us to push realtime updates to a virtually unlimited amount of users, so you can what's happening, when it's happening.



Mobile Application Developers

Award winning mobile app developers NextFaze have taken our products to a global, mobile based audience with their work on the RallySafe and RaceSafeH2O apps. Breaking new ground in the availability of real-time information to audiences both on the ground and at a distance, the apps have shown off the amazing work the guys at NextFaze can do.

Hummingbird Electronics

Electrical Engineering

Newcastle based Hummingbird Electronics is another innovative Australian electronics company. Specialising in automotive electronics, they were a natural partner for us in our quest to build the perfect electronic devices for motorsport.

Definium Technologies

Embedded Systems

Tasmanian based Definium Technologies has decades of experience in building tailored embedded systems for a diverse range of real world problems around the globe. Our partnership allows us to investigate the very bleeding edge of what is possible with todays digital sensors and communication networks.